The Right people

At Avisae we are about people. From the end consumer and Independent Business Owner to the suppliers of goods and services, we value those we serve and those who make it possible to be of service. Our goal is to meaningfully enhance the experience for all and help all people become more because of their relationship with and experience at Avisae.

The Right Partnerships

We decided long ago that if it couldn't be done right then it wasn’t worth doing. At Avisae, we feel a need to be exceptional in every dimension of our business – and especially in those areas that will ensure the greatest chance for success for each of our Independent Business Owners.

With such commitment, Avisae has formed a unique and tightly integrated partnership with the Blue Ocean Business Group, a non-profit trade association that advises Avisae and advocates the needs of the Avisae IBO. Never before in the channel commerce industry has such a complimentary and representative relationship existed.

The Right Management

The founders of Avisae began with a belief and confidence in the human spirit and the fulfillment found in trusting and enduring relationships. Avisae is about helping people become more. We intend to realize our purpose by surrounding ourselves with competent, highly motivated, respectful, and pleasant people who share our committed to such a purpose. At Avisae, our greatest asset is the Independent Business Owner – and with the right corporate staff, we intend to prove it in every conversation and with every contact.