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Your fast track to a never-ending supply of rewards that focus on health and beauty
from the inside out and the outside in. It’s free to join, and every dollar spent earns a point
that gets you closer to your next Avisae reward. Choose to participate as an Avisae Insider
to feed your obsession, take it to the next level with Avisae VIP, or discover the ultimate in
luxury lifestyle living with Avisae BLUE, and experience the view from the top!

  • Avisae Insider

    Feed your obsession by becoming an Avisae Insider with the click of a button. Every dollar you spend will earn you points that you can redeem for your favorite Avisae essentials. Participate in our Avisae Share program and get even more bang for your buck!

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  • Avisae VIP

    Let us do the heavy lifting and take your obsession to the next level with Avisae VIP. Never run out of product again with our automatic Monthly Product Delivery. Experience the benefits of being a VIP with reward points, Avisae Share benefits and ongoing product discounts!

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  • Avisae BLUE

    Avisae BLUE is the ultimate in luxury lifestyle rewards. Earn cash, exotic vacations, member incentives and promotions, exclusive travel rewards, member discounts and Avisae Share tools, all while enjoying the full line of Avisae’s science-backed products. Isn’t it time you experienced the view from the top?

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Feed Your Obsession

  • Product Reward Points

    Every dollar spent earns a point that gets you closer to your next Avisae reward. We reward you point for dollar and always round up! Spend $59.95 and get 60 Avisae Rewards Points. Redeem your points in the Avisae Rewards Store for your favorite must-have products.

Take it to the next level

Being an Avisae VIP will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the Avisae Insider with additional VIP benefits!

  • Loyalty Order

    Get your products delivered to your door like clockwork! Never worry about running low, or worse, running out of your favorite Avisae essentials. Design your monthly Loyalty Order and we make sure it’s shipped to you every single month. Get an additional 10% off all of your orders ALL of the time!

  • Product Sneak Peek

    Get Avisae’s newest products before they hit the shelves! As a VIP, you’ll get exclusive access to products that are designed with you in mind!

The View From The Top

AVISAE BLUE provides members with the ultimate in luxury lifestyle rewards.
Live the lifestyle you choose by taking incentive based action. As a member you can now turn your Product Points into CASH! Other member benefits include:

  • Monthly

  • Training &

  • Exotic

  • Cash

  • Incentives
    & Promotions

  • Product

  • Exclusive
    Travel Rewards

  • Rank &

  • Member

Turn Your Points Into Cash

As a member of Avisae BLUE, you now earn BLUE Volume (BV) that converts to cash each week!
And with 11 ways to earn, Avisae Rewards pays out more than ever before!

  • Personal Sales Bonus
  • Launch Order Sales Bonus
  • Business Builder Sales Bonus
  • Team Business Commissions
  • Team Personal Sales Commissions
  • Team Executive Check Match
  • Quicksilv3r Bonus Pool
  • Acceler8r Bonus Pool
  • Global Business Pools
  • Legacy 300 Shares
  • Legacy Founders Shares

Download the Full Plan

Complete details of the Avisae Rewards Plan are outlined in this PDF brochure available for you to download.

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The Power of Avisae is You

The power of Avisae is YOU the Member. Our loyal Members are, and will always be, the most important component of our business.

The Member who seeks to take advantage of the all that is possible through the Avisae Rewards program will learn quickly how innovative and generous the Avisae opportunity is for Members.

That is why YOU are the centerpiece of the Avisae Opportunity. It is our mission to help you “Become More” in every dimension of your life.